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"Jeffrey Koons was not only very professional, but was very sensitive towards our needs in getting our case resolved. We were very concerned about resolving this matter in a short period, and he adhered to our needs by expediting this case within the thin margin of time that we had. He provided personal and professional attention that exceeded our expectations. I would recommend Jeffrey Koons to any of my friends and family."
- Zoe

"Jeffrey Koons is someone I recommend wholeheartedly. When I, and my company, were struggling financially and about to go under, he showed me options I never knew I had, and then he followed through and protected me so that I ultimately did not have to declare bankruptcy and was able to satisfy nearly all creditors. He also became my intermediary with my staff and negotiated a payment plan on past-due wages. I attribute my survival from this tough time to his ability and his personal involvement on my behalf."
- Linda

"I have known Jeffrey A. Koons for over 5 years and when I had to make the decision about whether to file bankruptcy, he was who I turned to. I was very upset, and he calmed me, and explained that this was a business decision to allow my life to get back on track, not me being a horrible person. I had all these ideas about what this would say about me in a negative light that I couldn't see why it was available in the first place, and he reminded me. He is thorough and cares about his clients. He understands your dilemma and works to make it right for you and the courts.
"I would recommend Jeffrey to anyone that is going through this: he'll tell you what you need to do, help you and get it in the past so that you are more informed, better equipped for the future and finally moving forward. With Jeffrey you don't have to be afraid of being able to move on."
- Shari

"Jeffrey Koons is a blessing. He took my case and handled it professionally, efficiently, and with patience. It was difficult for me to start the bankruptcy, as I believe in paying your way in life, but things happen sometimes that prevent us from doing that.

  • He has listened patiently, corrected wrong beliefs about bankruptcy and its procedures, and gently and methodically kept me moving forward and on track from start to finish.
  • He is the only bankruptcy attorney I will refer my clients to – I know from personal experience that it is Jeffrey and his professional staff who will take good care of anyone I refer to them. They care about people and it shows.
  • Sometimes you don't owe credit card bills, but you want to save your home from foreclosure due to an illness and being unable to work; Jeffrey A. Koons, Attorney at Law is the answer.
  • Perhaps you need credit counseling and debt negotiation – Jeffrey A, Koons is the professional that will handle your case from start to finish in the most caring, professional and efficient manner.
"I am thankful that Jeffrey A. Koons, and his capable staff at has been there for me."
- Gayle

Mr. Koons,
I never really properly thanked you for taking my case—the last time we met in your office, I was very flustered, this is all a new business for me. The reason I 'put my chips on the table' with you, so to speak, is that you've seen —— Bank in action before, and you didn't try to BS me regarding our chances. Those things combined to give me a good feeling about the whole thing. At some point you have to stand up for yourself and hope for justice to come through—I'm glad that you've agreed to help, I certainly couldn't do it alone.
- Mark

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